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Beijing Transportation Guide

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Beijing Transportation Guide

Beijing subways  Beijing Subway Map

The Beijing Subway (Traditional Chinese:Simplified Chinese: pinyin: běi jīng dì tiě) is a rapid transit system that serves Beijing city and its various outlying suburbs. It is a very minimal system given the population and density of Beijing, though expansions are expected by the arrival of the 2008 Olympic Games. The Beijing underground is quite simple to use, with signs at each stop posted in pinyin,

Line 1

Line 1 runs from Pingguoyuan in the west to Sihuidong in the east. At 31.04 km long, it is the longest east-west subway line in Beijing. It runs beneath the extended Chang'an Avenue and through the commercial districts of Xidan, Wangfujing and Dongdan. Two stops on either side of Tian'anmen make it the only line that runs through the core of Beijing.

Current Line 1 stations are: Pingguoyuan, Guchenglu, Bajiao Amusement Park, Babaoshan, Yuquanlu, Wukesong, Wanshoulu, Gongzhufen, Junshibowuguan, Muxidi, Nanlishilu, Fuxingmen (interchange to Line 2), Xidan, Tian'anmen West, Tian'anmen East, Wangfujing, Dongdan, Jianguomen (interchange to Line 2), Yong'anli, Guomao, Dawanglu, Sihui (interchange to Batong Line) and Sihuidong (interchange to Batong Line).

Line 2 (Loop Line)

Line 2 is also known as the Loop Line. It was first built on the site of the Beijing city wall, and expanded from its south and southwestern parts to form a full loop in the early 1980s. The line is linked to Line 1 at Fuxingmen and Jianguomen, and to Line 13 at Xizhimen and Dongzhimen. Line 2 is 23.61 km long, most of which is beneath the 2nd Ring Road.

Current Line 2 stations are: Xizhimen (interchange to Line 13), Chegongzhuang, Fuchengmen, Fuxingmen (interchange to Line 1), Changchunjie, Xuanwumen, Hepingmen, Qianmen, Chongwenmen, Beijing Railway Station, Jianguomen (interchange to Line 1), Chaoyangmen, Dongsishitiao, Dongzhimen (interchange to Line 13), Yonghegong, Andingmen, Guloudajie and Jishuitan.

Line 13

Line 13 is 40.85 km in length. It was opened in two sections: the western section until Huoying on September 28, 2002, and the eastern section on January 28, 2003. It is also known as the City Rail Line. Most of the line is above ground, with some sections elevated several meters above street level. It runs between Xizhimen and Dongzhimen, forming a loop that serves the northern suburbs of the city. Line 13 connects to Line 2 at Xizhimen and Dongzhimen.

Most of the line parallels the Beijing-Baotou rail line, except for the eastern section between Beiyuan and Dongzhimen, where it curves onto the Jingcheng Expressway.

Current Line 13 stations are: Xizhimen (interchange to Line 2), Dazhongsi, Zhichunlu, Wudaokou, Shangdi, Xi'erqi, Longze, Huilongguan, Huoying, Lishuiqiao, Beiyuan, Wangjingxi, Shaoyaoju, Guangximen, Liufang and Dongzhimen (interchange to Line 2).

Batong Line

The Batong Line, built as an extension to Line 1, was opened as a separate line on December 27, 2003. The line connects the areas of Bawangfen and Tongzhou District . It is fully above ground, mostly between the westbound and eastbound lanes of the Jingtong Expressway. The Batong Line is 18.9 km long and stretches from Sihui in the west to Tuqiao in the east.

Current Batong Line stations are: Sihui (interchange to Line 1), Sihuidong (interchange to Line 1), Gaobeidian, Broadcasting Institute, Shuangqiao, Guanzhuang, Baliqiao, Tongzhoubeiyuan, Guoyuan, Jiukeshu, Liyuan, Linheli and Tuqiao.

The following lines are being planned or under construction

Line 4

Line 4 is mostly underground. It is approximately 27 km long and stretches from Longbeicun at the Summer Palace to Majialou in south Beijing. Construction started in 2004. It is scheduled to open on September 30, 2009.

Line 5

Line 5 is 27.6 km long. It runs from Taipingzhuangbei to Songjiazhuang. Construction started in December 2002. This is Beijing's first north-south line and runs through some important parts of the city center. It is scheduled to open on June 30, 2007.

Line 8 (Olympic Branch Line)

Line 8 is 4 km long and completely underground. It stretches from Xiongmaohuandao to Senlingongyuan, and will serve the new Olympic Park area. Construction started in 2004. It is scheduled to open on June 30, 2008.

Line 9

Line 9 is 18.3 km long. The first phase stretches from Baishiqiao to Beijing West Railway Station. Line 9 will be extended to the Beijing World Park.

Line 10

The first phase of Line 10 is 26.2 km long and stretches from Wanliu in west Beijing to Jingsong in southeastern Beijing. It is completely underground, mostly follows the 3rd Ring Road. Construction started in 2004. It is scheduled to open on June 30, 2008.  Line 10 will be extended to Songjiazhuang.

Line L1 (Airport Extension)

Line L1 stretches from Dongzhimen to the two terminals (T2 & T3) of Beijing Capital International Airport with a fork near to the airport. It connects to Line 2 and Line 13 (in future will connects to Line 10). Construction started in 2005. It is scheduled to open on June 30, 2008. The line will have a 4 km underground section and 23 km of elevated track.

Line L2 (Yizhuang light rail)

Line L2 is 19.5 km long. It will serve the Yizhuang area to the southeast.


The fare for Lines 1 and 2 costs 3 RMB, and transfer between these two lines at Fuxingmen and Jianguomen is free. The fare for Line 13 costs 3 RMB, and that for the Batong Line is 2 RMB. There's also a ticket valid for one transfer between Lines 1&2 and Line 13 for 5 RMB, and a ticket valid for one transfer between Lines 1&2 and Batong Line for 4 RMB.

Line 13 uses automated ticket gates, while the other lines have employees at platform entrances to check passengers for tickets. Many of the stations that are part of the older lines contain automated gates as part of an early testing phase. However, they were deemed to be inefficient and were abandoned early on.

For users of Beijing's new Yikatong transportation card (One-Card Express), Line 13 accepts them for fare payment. In May 2006 other lines of the Beijing Subway also began to accept the Yikatong card.

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