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Jiumenkou Great Wall

Jiumenkou Great WallJiumenkou Great Wall, also called the “No. 9 Gate Pass", is located on the border shared by Funing County of Hebei Province and by Suizhong County of Liaoning Province. With a total length of 1704 meters, this section of the Great Wall was first built in the Northern Qi Dynasty (479-502 AD) and further expanded in 1381 during the Ming dynasty. It is 15 km from Shanghaiguan Pass of the Great Wall, and is known famously as "The First Pass East of Beijing." In 1992, this spot was repaired and opened as a tourist resort. Today a nine-gate, 110-meter-long Bridge sits astride the Jiujiang River, which was once used to both regulate the flow of the river and to hold off any invading enemy. Each gate is 5 meters wide and an encircled city protects each end of the bridge. From the bridge, after hiking westward for half an hour, the wall ends directly in front of a high cliff, a strategic wall formed by nature. If one wishes to avoid paying and to see the wild wall, one can climb up the trail which starts in the village at the eastern end of the bridge. On the top, you will find the Wall extending in three directions ¨east, northeast, and west. The northeast one terminates on the very next hill overlooking the Pass. The one going east (recommended for a pleasant 4-5 hour hike) first goes down a steep valley, traverses a riverbed which has water only in the summer, then heads in a straight line directly to the base of the mountain range visible on the horizon, with broken watchtowers every 50-100 meters. The one to west is connected with Jiumenkou(Nine Gate Pass).

Jiumenkou Great Wall
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