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Beijing Hutongs

Beijing Hutong Tours Beijing Hutong Pictures

60) Nanchizi Dajie
This hutong was once included within the imperial city grounds. Today the Ming and Qing dynasty archives were kept in a grand pavillion here. The imperial style building can be visited, as it has been turned into a modem art gallery. The Yunfeng Gallery has some of the best of both modem and classic Chinese painting on display in the ancient cavernous building. The space and lighting is great!

61) Ciqiku Hutong
This was where the warehousefor storing fine porcelin was located during the Ming and Qing dynasties up through the Republican period. Zhang Xun who led the Qing revivalist movement during the Republican period lived here as well. When his movement failed, his home was burned to the ground.

62) Caichang Hutong
Fresh vegetable markets lined this hutong during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

63) Xiaowei Hutong
During the Ming and Qing Dynasties this hutong served as a military station. On the north side of the hutong is the Xianliang Temple close to the Forbidden City. In days of old, officials coming to Beijing for audiences with the emperor would stay in the area around this temple. When foreign imperialists invaded China during the Opium Wars traitor Li Hongzhang worked here as did Zeng Guofan who crushed the Taiping Rebellion. During the 100 Days reform Kang Youwei who was one of the early reform leaders lived on this hutong as well.

64) Shuaifuyuan Hutong
During the Republican period the special city guards lived here. Prince Yu's Palace on this street was later purchased by the Americans during the Republican period and turned into a hospital which today is Beijing's famous Xiehe Hospital.

65) Dongjiao Min Xiang
This hutong had a number of palaces during the Qing Dynasty. From the reign of Emperor Qian Long onwards, palaces in this area were selected to receive foreign missions and representatives in. From the reign of Emperor Tong Zhi, foreign embassies were established in this area. Under the Unequal Treaties, extra-territoriality was granted to foreign missions and embassies in this area which was under the control of foreign troops and foreign law was applied. The Boxer Rebellion took place around here.

66) Neiwubu Jie
Was called Golan Hutong during the Ming and Qing dynasties meaning "hutong of brothels". During the Republican period the Ministry of Internal Affairs was on this street giving it its current name. Famous scholar and writer Liang Shiqiu was born here. No. 11 is a huge palace of a Qing military official who served Emperor Qian Long, who built a temple for this official who died campaigning in Yunnan Province.

67) Shijia Hutong
Named after the family of General Shi during the Ming dynasty, this hutong houses a number of well preserved courtyard houses. One, which is now the Hao Yuan Guest House, was once the home of Chairman Hua Guofeng, Mao's appointed successor. Next door is the courtyard of Zhang Hanzhi, Mao's English teacher and the wife of late Foreign Minister Qiao Guanhua. Further down the street is the courtyard of famous "red capitalist" Rong Yiren, former Vice Chairman of State and founder of the China International Trust and Investment Corporation. During the Qing dynasty, Sai Jinhua, a notorious prostitute who was once the lover of the commander of invading German forces lived on this hutong, once upon a time.

68) Fangjiayuan Hutong
On this street is the famous"House of Phoenix" where Guixiang, the brother of Empress Dowager Cixi and the father of the Guang Xu Emperor's empress lived. It is said that "two phoenixes"- or empresses - emerged from his house.

69) Hongxing Hutong
Legendary Peking Opera female impersonator Mei Lanfang once lived at residence No. 9.

70) Qianzhaojialou Hutong
The hutong is named after the Qianzhaojialou, a three storey building and Cao Rulin, a traitor, lived here and his home was burned during the May 4th Movement student protests.

71) Paozihe Xixiang
During the Ming dynasty this was a scenic areafull of temples and palaces all of which were destroyed by the Eight Imperial Forces when foreigners burned Beijingis environs during the Opium Wars.

72) Mao'er Hutong
The last Emperor Pu Yi's wife, Empress Wan Rong, was born and raised in a great courtyard palace on this hutong.

73) Houhai Beiyan
Prince Chen's palace which was where last Emperor Pu Yi was born, was later converted into the residence of Song Qingling, the wife of Sun Yatsen who later became Vice Chairman of State following the founding of the People's Republic of China, is located here together with Longhua Temple which is an active Buddhist temple where the last surviving eunuch lived out his last days.

74) Huguosi Jie
"Huguosi" meaning "Protect the Nation Temple" was once located here. Legenday Peking opera female impersonator, Mei Lanfang, also lived here at residence No. 9 as well.

75) Caolanzi Hutong
There once was a jail at No. 19 on this hutong where the Kuomintang imprisoned many of the early Communist Party revolutionaries, such as Liu Shaoqi, Bo Yibo, and Peng Zhen.

76) Qianhai Xijie
The home of Guo Moruo is located in a spacious courtyard house on the west side of this hutong, and Prince Gong's Palace is located just to the north (see famous courtyards).

77) Liu Yinjie
Last Emperor Pu Yi's uncle lived at No. 27 and the gardens of Prince Gong's Palace are located here as well and opened to the public.

78) Nansiyanjing Hutong
This hutong once had the famous Nansiyan Well on it. In 1937, Liu Shaoqi and his secretary commanded anti-Japanese activities from residence No.2.

79) Nanfeng Hutong
During the Qing Dynasty, the residence of the "First Scholar" to have passed the nationwide imperial examination would have been given the privilege of staying in the palace here. Today the palace has been turned into the dormitory of Marx-Engles-Lenin-Stalin Works Editing and Translation Bureau. Once upon a time Ma Lianlang, also a famous Peking Opera performer, lived here for a while.

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