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Beijing Hutongs - Beijing Hutongs Travel Information

Beijing Hutong Tours Beijing Hutong Pictures

1) Xiying Fang Hutong
The hutong's name means "army barracks", which were located here during the Qing Dynasty.

2) Minwang Bei Hutong
Bailing Temple is located here.

3) Dixingju Sixiang
The hutong is named after Dixingju Tea House which was once located here.

4) Zhongtao Hutong
In the old days many artists lived here who would work for the imperial household in the Forbidden City.

5) Yuge Sixiang
This hutong is named after the Yuge Temple which was located here during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

6) Guowang Xixiang
During the Qing Dynasty the Yellow Bannerman clan lived here.

7) Guoxiang Hutong
There is a Mongolian palace here which was used by the emperor of Mongolia when he came to visit the emperor of China during the Qing Dynasty.

8) Baochao Hutong
During the Yuan Dynasty warehouses for money were located here.

9) Qianfu Xiang
"Qianfu" meaning "t000 eye buddha" is the name given to this hutong which had such a buddha statute in the temple located here during the Qing Dynasty.

10) Huayuan Hutong
There was once a Mongolian palace here used by Mongolian nobility when they came to Beijing.

11) Lingguang Xixiang
There was a Lingguang Temple here from the reigns of Qian Long to Xuan Tong during the Qing Dynasty.

12) Yongheng Hutong
This was the location of the "Temple to Aunties" during the Qing Dynasty when every family member received respect.

13) Wudaoying Hutong
The name "Wudaoying" means "Five Ways Soliders". The "Five Ways" refers to ancient martial arts practices. This was where the martial arts soldiers stayed during the Ming Dynasty.

14) Yongkang Hutong
Once the Jilesi "Extremely Happy" Temple was here.

15) Doufuchi Hutong
Mao Zedong and his first wife Yang Kaihui once lived here.

16) Liulisi Hutong
The hutong is named after a temple "si" which has blue-green "liuli" style tiles on the roof.

17) Xiejia Hutong
During the Ming and Qing Dynasty the soldiers would rest at this hutong after fighting their battles giving it the name "xiejia" or "thankful family" hutong.

18) Fangjia Hutong
During the Qing Dynasty there was a temple here full of nuns not monks, and No. 13 on this street is a classic protected courtyard house, not to mention t hat many famous Beijing local VIPs or government officials have lived or still live on this hutong.

19) Zhonglou Wan
The old Drum and Bell Towers are here.

20) Dajingchang Hutong
This hutong is named after the factory which once printed buddhist scriptures located here.

21) Xiaochang Hutong
This hutong was named after the "Xiaochang " or kiln which used to make the golden-colored tiles used on roofs of imperial buidings.

22) Juer Hutong
One of Empress Dowager Cixi's confidants Ronglu, who crushed the "100 Days Reform" lived here

23) Houyuanensi Hutong
Once there was a Yuanen Temple here. Chiang Kaishek once kept a home here which is today the Youhao Mansion (see section on Courtyard Hotels). Next door was the home of famous revolutionary writer Mao Dun (see section on Courtyards of Famous Writers).

24) Wenchengxiang Hutong
During the Qing Dynasty this was the hutong where the Prime Minister lived. During the early Qing Dynasty a Ming hero named Wen Tianxiang was executed here.

25) Xiguan Hutong
 The famous author Tian Han, who wrote many plays and dramas lived here. Anletang Hutong( ~ ~ ~ ~J9 ~ ): The Anletang was where imperial eunuchs would comefor rest when they were sick.

27) Fuxue Hutong
This hutong runs behind the Republican Government buildings ofYuan Shikai and Duan Qirui as well as the palace of a Qing emperor's courtesan which is now the local Beijing Cultural Relics Bureau.

28) Qilinbei Hutong
Qing Emperor Guangxu had three courtesans who lived here. Zhang Zizhong who fought against the Japanese also lived here.

29) Zangjingguan Hutong
The building for reading Tibetan scriptures is located here across from the Yonghe Gong temple.

30) Qianyongkang Hutong
 One of Mao Zedong's "Ten Marshals", Marshal Chen Yi and one of Mao's "Ten Generals" XuHaidong, lived here.

31) Beixinqiao Santiao
A eunuch lived here during the Ming dynasty, and Prince Lijun had a palace here during the Qing.

32) Xisongnian Hutong
During the Ming Dynasty a notoriously famous prostitute named Song lived -- and presumably worked -- here on this hutong.

33) Dongyingfang Shitiao
The Qing Dynasty samurai class called "Bannerman" lived here

34) Dongjixiang Hutong
 Imperial eunuchs lived here during the Qing Dynasty.

35) Lianziku Hutong
Lianziku means warehouse for curtains. During the Qing Dynasty, all the imperial household curtains were kept here.

36) Dongbanqiao Xixiang
During the Ming Dynasty, there was a "niu-niufang" where girls being contributed from all over the country to be sent to serve the emperor would stay to be trained before being sent into the imperial palace where they would serve for the rest of their lives.

37) Zhiranju Hutong
The cloth which was used by the emperor used to be made here.

38) Wangzhima Hutong
"'Wangzhima" literally refers to the paper houses, and items which are made for the dead and burned at funerals for souls to take into the afterlife. These paper items were once made on this hutong.

39) Weijia Hutong
The Wei family "weijia" lived here as did many top officials during the Qing Dynasty. During the Republican period warlord Wu Peifu lived here.

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